Kontiki Customer Support

World-Class Support for Kontiki Customers

Kontiki Customer Support provides world-class support for Kontiki's customers. We understand that the most important metric that we need to observe is how our customers think we're doing. We listen to our customers' support needs and do our best to meet these. We are flexible in doing what it takes to make every implementation of Kontiki a successful one.

Some of the services provided by Kontiki Support are below.

  • Regular status meetings reviewing all open issues
  • Monthly reports on all cases with status and resolution
  • Quarterly business review of Kontiki deployment
  • Meetings with our Product Management team to discuss the product roadmap
  • Network Publisher training
  • Upgrades to all minor and major software releases for licensed products
  • Submittal of service requests via email or phone
  • 24 by 7 phone support for urgent issues
  • Standard support from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays (except for standard holidays)

We provide support for almost all aspects of the Kontiki Delivery Management System (DMS) from maintenance of the server software to installing and updating the client. Kontiki Support also provides support for publishers, providing training sessions for the Network Publisher program. We can also assist in using the Web Services APIs to create a custom interface for publishing content to the Kontiki DMS.

Kontiki Support does not typically provide support to end users of the Kontiki client. This is done by the customer. However, we do provide assistance in setting up the end user support. We also understand that the early phase of deployment will require us to closely work with our customers to make sure their internal support personnel can adequately support their end users. We provide two documents that help in this matter. The first is the Client Troubleshooting Guide. This guide discusses the standard troubleshooting guidelines that one goes through in resolving issues with the Kontiki client. Secondly, we have a set of Kontiki Client FAQs for the reference implementation of the client. These are applicable to a 'vanilla' implementation of the client and are intended to serve as a starting point for a custom set of FAQs.

To contact Kontiki Customer Support you may send an email to support@kontiki.com. Note that we only provide a support phone number to our existing customers. Our Client Troubleshooting Guide has our complete contact information. Note that this page is password protected. If you are already an existing customer and need a password, just send us an email and we'll provide you with one.